Linux Terminal and Windows PowerShell Commands

This will be an on-going post, with updates as needed..

TaskLinux TerminalWindows PowerShell
Get help man {command} Get-Help {cmdlet}
Get a directory listing ls -al Get-ChildItem
Create a user (local) adduser New-LocalUser
List system processes ps -ef Get-Process
Search for a file find / -name MyFile.txt Get-ChildItem C:\MyFolder -name -recurse MyFile.txt
Get network information ifconfig -a Get-NetIPConfiguration
Restart the system reboot Restart-Computer
Shutdown the system halt Stop-Computer
Edit a file vi, pico, nano notepad, edit

PowerShell Aliases
Microsoft was kind enough to alias PS cmdlets using common Linux / Unix commands:

PowerShell Cmdlet Alias
Get-Help man
Get-ChildItem ls
Get-Process ps